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الأحد، 14 أغسطس 2011

this is very important for muslims and others prophecey of prophet muhamed is revelled he prophecies with moamers qathafy name and hassan nasser allah and hizballah

While I'm looking i was chocked when i read Naim bin Hammad book (al fetan ) from stories of the Prophet like he is a live among us and witness the events or as if Im watching report news bulletin news these days and found that they talk about events currently happens , bloodshed, oppression and un justice of arabs rulers, Muslims are killing Muslims and how many graduated mesmerized injustice bu

t most stir is Morocco and arround it and in egypt and in shamm(surrya&lebanon) the first temptation is strong ...Why not let you read the contents literally: adakm
Following his story from the hadeeth of the Prophet, conversed with Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Salam altiherti for Abu Muslim such as Morocco's west said Abdul Rahman is an evil King. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan on Awn almithmi on Saeed Ibn ABI Sa'id hurayrah reported the Prophet PBUH said under the sky creating point of Adem there is no worst evil more than barbarians if i give sadaekah(chairty) with my wipe for God seek is preffered to me than to free 100 necks of barbarians ). Ensuring that Abu conversed as on Aisha is ordered a charity said to the Messenger do not give them (barbarian) something feed it to the dog better than to give them. Abu'l-Waleed on Abdul Jabbar bin Rasheed Al-azdi from his father on short selling of Rabi'ah bin kaebsaid : that West they are the naked,the Barefoot they dont borrow god a good borrow they steps on the ground like cows youll so be carfull and avoid them. Abdullah bin Marwan told his father about Rabi'ah bin Saif on: selling his Morocco Abdel Rahman Ibn hind alathnon longthe introduction of a man named the name of the eveil plague kills bloodly alot of muslims and start the fire whom be in his army surely in hell.Here must comment note that this barbaric name moamer is the name of Devi because moamer mean the alive the long lived ,and noboy is longer life than devil and he is the the oldest creature on earth so is this barbarian moamar al kadhafi. abu'l Muhammad Ibn Rustam Ibn sina bin sager bin hamieer bin rustom slave of salma bin Abdul Malik bin Abdullah said Muslim heard King says the folks Morocco will rulle Homs sixteen months like I see him held sixteen. . Tell us the rest of Safwan Al-Azhar Abu Al-Walid Ibn ' Abd-Allaah ibn qais alhusni on inviolability of the Prophet peace and blessings of God was praying qiyaam al-layl of the temptation comes from th east in Morocco. Yahya ibn Sa'eed Al-Attar told sina pilgrims ' Abd-Allaah ibn Saeed on Taous Ibn ' Abbathen temptation comes from west side bas Abbaas about the Prophet said strife accept from the Mashreq warn you that then the temptation of west side ( Morocco ,libya,tunsia)accepted. _________--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conversed Yahya ibn Sa'eed Al-Attar on Abi Abu Abdul Rahman hani sina code ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' AMR Abbaas said seventy evil section part making crulety sixty nine crultey parts in Berbers and one part in other people (1). Tell us the rest of Ibn Al-Walid about the secret of Ibn ' Abd-Allaah ibn Yasar said some elders says he heard the Messenger of Allaah and blessings ays of Berber women better than thier men,god had sent a Prophet sto them they kill him then they give his body to thier women whom they buried him). He said Yahia bin Saeed told me Osman bin Abdul Rahman on anbasa ibn Abd-El-Rahman bin shabib of human beings from Anas Ibn maalik khattaab said come the Prophet, peace and with me a barbaricguest said Prophet PBUH ( this man folk have received a prophet of god and they killed him and coocked him eat his flash and drink his gravy soup ). __________ (1) in the p: (evil ness is spreated into 70 parts this 70 parts in Berbers and partly one in other people). (*) (1/157)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yahya ibn Alemán conversed about Ibn Al-mubaarak, al-Awza'I on Hassan ibn ' Atiyah said it was said if you have seen the yellow banners came out (hezballah flag is yellow), then the bottom of the ground is better than the surface land . Tell us the rest of the alakhmosi from his father onbin Ka'b said the Berber descend from thier ships and out of it in aljun and bring thier swords till they enter Homs and been informed that their call is ya Homs,ya Homs. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan from artah said an updated hadthni on stub ifthe berbars came out of Homs for their God will paralyse thier legs and sickness sent to thier horses, no one will remain alive then they with draw escaping from death to Monte negro the black mountains to hide, till they are followed by Muslims,and kill them great kill that each man kills them 77,non will escape them except few said Abdullah bin Marwan says : i saw the yellow banners flag descened in Alexandria then landed Levant sham (suryia lebanon jordan )when they put down a village of Damascus villages told to be harasts town. About al hakam bin uqba of Safwan on shrayh bin Obaid Ka'b said the Egyptian will split the aljun by robes for the with draw of the nile then the tiddes that will kill them sincking in it , told us, ' Abd-Allaah ibn Marwan from his father for AMR Ibn Shu'aib from his father he entered the Abdullah Bin Omar while pilgrims Inn Kaaba, i heard him say: when the black flag came out from the east and the yellow flags from west they will meet in bottom of Syria means Damascus there is evil there is evil. He said his father and hadthni for Ibn Yazid bin Sulaiman Al Qurashi tender Ibn Yazid Al-leithy woman his father his father says she heard like this. Abu'l Muhammad Ibn Khmer on Najib bin serra said :for the western of arabia(morroco-lybia-tunsai)have two events one in tunsia and libya first they leave thier weapons and horses. and onther in sham(surrya lebanon). Abu'l Muhammad Ibn lhiah Ibn donkeys on the vast Bakr Ibn Umar said _________ (1) the name of the mount was aljun fortress in yimama. The dictionary of countries. (*) (1/161)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Allaah conversed Yahya ibn Sa'eed Abu Ishaq Al-Kufa from Abu shrayh said hadthni Abu al-Khair alyasni Amer bin Uqbah Al-jehani said if people came out on the Roman left Morocco Morocco is ruined when Alexandria, Egypt and the Levant coast of sham all are ruined too,then witha reflected of a star they move move Elia (Palestine) n then be degradable. Abu'l-Sa'id Abu Osman jaabir Abu Jaafar said one closed eye. Abu'l-Yahya ibn Sa'eed Sulaiman bin Issa said I was informed that alsviani owns three years and a half. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan that suviani will rulle the period of pregnancyof a woman (9 month) said stub has named Abdullah ibn Yazid Ibn Al-Azhar is cynicism or al azehar Ibn alsviani-distorting cynicism. al hakm told us son of Al-Azhar the suviani enter Kuffa,and he then get ulcer,which will lead him to die on the way and then another man exits between Mecca and Taif or between them (1/165)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mecca and Medina ,from the bush and trees,his face is defacted he is with flat hair and with thin shoulders with deep eyes in his time an big explosion will be heared else where. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan from artah said: alsviani who die fighting first thing black flags and yellow banners in the sham land (suryia lebanon) of almandron Eastern Levant beesan on red camel who have acrown(it can be a plane or a vehicle with the crown logo)he fight people twice after he will be deafeted and then perish and it accepts jizyah and enslave the tribes and stap and tear pregnant women bellies . Tell us the rest of Abu Bakr Ibn ABI Mariam on damara Ben Habib Abu hasan Ka'b said his nine and seven months. Abubakar said: Ibn dinar said damara and his rulle will be period of pregnancy (9 month). Abu'l kuddus and more about Ibn Ayyash who he Mohammed bin Jaafar a huge man with large shoulder and large head there is marks of chicken box on his face his one of his eyes with a white dots he came out from lebanon or suryia near Damascus from a valley called to be the dry Valley is a Valley exit with seven men with men in its banner Brigade pinned known as the victory Brigade.(Alice Brigade Hassan Nasrallah)  see  the perivious blog about the deciving islamic group trap see the pictures spacially at the bottom )walking between his hands 30 miles no one can see his flag un less he lose and defeat. from abu baker on alashiakh: alsviani emerges from the dry Valley near to Damascus.he is white to yellowish colored with mark of prayer in his forhead. abdul Kuddus from artah about the damara said alsviani white man his hair is rizzy by radwa he is born in the dry valley in countrey with flag is with red color .who took something from his money he ll catch sickness in the stomach till the day of resurrection. Abu'l-lhiah Ibn Abu Omar Abdul Wahab Bin Hussein on Muhammad Ibn Thabit from his father on the Al-Harith Ibn ' Abd-Allaah out man born ABI sufyan in dry Valley in red banners of the forearms and legs a long careful severe neck bruising marks after worship. __________ (1) any inaccurate forearms. Basis of rhetoric. (2) almhamah elradaf: stones. rhetoric basis (*) (1/166) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________ ein al balagh (1) في ع: (منها). (*) (1/167)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------on the exit of alsviani told us, newborn and rshadin Ibn lhiah Abu as he owns a man from Bani Hashim, illiteracy does not kill any one except his tribes and do not kill others then come a man from Bani Umayya he kills two men for every one man until there is no one except women and then exits. abdul till the mahdi time Kuddus conversed about Hisham bin gas Makhul from Abu ubaidah Ibn Al-khattaab jarah on the Prophet said (this still exists to be the first installment intel it will be end by a man from Bani Umayya). Abu'l Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdel Salam Abu Muslima as alsviani an evil who scientists and scholars even he take them for credit and uses them and he kills who disobeye him, Abu'l-rshadin Ibn lhiah from ' Abd al-' Azeez ibn Saleh ibn Ali Ibn Rabah (1/168)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Masood he is said moving to eiliaa (Palestine) ,an one-eyed man frequently walks with webbling gait it will be chaos and mob he will slave arabs which will sends the army to the city. Abu'l with invasive and an explosions heard else where (this is clearly moshieh dyan)

from Ibn Ayyash said some scholars Muhammad bin Jaafar said Ali Ibn ABI taalib exits a man born Khalid Ibn Yazid Ibn muawiyah (1) in seven men with turnoff Brigade pinned know in together hands to victory (Hassan nasser allah and hezbullah)  please read the peroivious(deciving islamic groupe trap) please watch the pictures spacially the one at bottom.walks in thirty miles ,whom ever see his flag will be defeated. Abu'l-Walid from Shoaib slave of Hakim Abu shaban Hisham Zaman said:you will not see the sviania in your days tell the people of westren arabia comes to you fo (west arabia either Morocco ,libya,tunsia) and till they take over demascus stage of Damascus this is not something until you see the people of Morocco. from Rshadin on Leith who told us he's s said if such a fee by the Al-Qurain bidaa is not sviani. The bin laieeth said,if you woke up on the noice of the explosion in damascusand in Tiberias balfstat confers and wings if Tiberias. Abu'l-rshadin Ibn Yazid Ibn ABI lhiah on Habib said Prophet PBUH (ex. of alsviani after nine and thirty). Ibn lhiah and tell me Abdul Aziz Ibn Saleh Ibn ' Abbaas Akrama khattaab said if exit alsviani in thirty-seven was his rulle of twenty-eight months and came out in thirty-nine was his rulle of nine months. Uqba bin hakam conversed on bin rabah from artah said Zaman alsviani II be the explosions every where even thought each one says his countrey is ruined and that thier neighbours is followed.to be ruined __________ (*) (1/169)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------in three banners uqba bin hakam converse on bin rabah from artah if met Greek and -Turk and village will be put down in Damascus and a range of Western Syria raised in sham its mosque three banners of( alabka- alashb and alsviani) and one important man will be attacked near Damascus and he will be killed (obviousley rafeeq al harirry) then two of this suvianin men will go out and fight turk and greek(roman), the second man will win with the army of al suviany & came back from Egypt (alabka- alsviani emerges with his army, kills Turk and Greek bkorkisia until saturation meals for the lions and beasts Earth from their fleshes. (1/170)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------in banners that diverge will be spreated in the land of Egypt and the Levant and other alsviani and appear they conversed with Walid Ibn Muslim from Abu Obeida Abu almshagei Al-kalbi illiteracy on Sheikh realized the pagan if his eye brrows falls on the eyes if folks disagree when three black banners calling for three force teams one calls for sons of Fatima and other calls for benny Abbas and other advocates force calls by thier owns and calls for themselves. Abu'l-Walid said Abu Abdullah told me about Muslim Ibn alakhil from ' Abdul Karim Abu Muhammad Ibn Umayya tap if disagreed, including three banners raised Levant in al shamm (lebanon-surrya)( alabka banner and al ashab banner and alsviani banner) as amber. Abu'l-Sa'id Abu Osman jaabir Abu Jaafar said if spoken and disperses a century not only easy recovery alabka stays in Egypt appears to kill people until they toss and then distorted it arises between them would be a great epic then appears alsviani the cursed and he will raise before that a twelve banner in Kufa Kufa (iraq) known and then will came out man born to al Hussein called to his father nameand then the alsviani will raise his army against him. Abu'l-Walid Ibn rshadin and from lhiah such as waleed on Saeed ,people will disagree in four different people with two from the Levant al shamm (lebanon-suriya) man asheb blue will governance ,and a man from madar he is short great man and alsvian and the one who camed from Mecca (al hariri probabley) that four turnoff. Hadthni, Walid said Sheikh Jaber Abu Jaafar from Muhammad bin Ali said kills four in the Levant al sham(suryia-lebanon)the four were all born to people of rulle family or goverment a man from Bani Marwan, man of the ABI sufian said it appears (1/171)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------alsviani at almrwaniin, killed and then follow the killed biny Marwan, and then accept the he will kills the people of east arabia folks and even he enter Kufa built Abbas. Abu Jaafar said in Damascus a dispute alsviani biny Marwan built the Marwani prayer site it appears the gunman then killed Bani Marwan three months and then accept the bright folks until entering Kufa. his slave told me, "said Walid Khaled Ibn Yazid said: he will get out outside of Kufa for illness caused by it then he will die between Ark and tedmor from a great sickness case. Abu'lmogheera Ibn Ayyash who he Ka'b said :meet for this killer the dark people (unjustice) of that time even if they where watching their enemy and they thought they he will get from thier homes they accep tthier dectatore who he is not known before to be a dectatore till he is exposed,he is a man of meduim body build and puckeled hair with deep eyes looked with obvious eyebrows yellowish face even if looked to the mansoor in his last year that meet the dark people (unjustice) of that time then al mansour dies when they spreat from the meeting , who is one of them and then when the news reach them , where they were then they followed for Abdullah Due alsviani, advocating the same group of people of Morocco, meet unless they meet one never knew what was already then God sent the beaath from Kufa will be put down and kills was in and al baath in Basra when it of burning and drowning and dieng of most of them then Kufa subsidence and came al Baath by Morocco was located when the smallest Foyle then its thedisastear for gods survants till the revlution of Homs and Damascus weiokd outside Palestine man appears on of his hands the intantion to destroye the east people rulles 9 month period of pregnancey , three The armies to Kaufmannn stands against him, they hit houses in Quraysh as the win of thier day. Abu'l-Walid Ibn rshadin and lhiah for al waleed such as Ali Abu ruman said if holders of black bannersdis agree with subsidence and put down toss villages of eram by it western mousqe then drops by to Syria three banners graduated as (al ashab- alabka, alsviani), alsviani -alabka emerges from the Levant sham from Egypt then alsvianiwill win over them . Abu'l-rshadin Ibn lhiah Abu as for Saïd Ben aswad than Kiryat said people of black banners diagrees in safar month and they will be spreated to four groups one group of the man caming back from Mecca and two one of them alsviani and one sham born blue from governance house and asaheb of Egypt a man from the AHL Al-Jabbar is the fourth four. (1/172)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ibn Abu lhiah told me planted on Ibn zareer said disagree of the four turnoff Jabbar ybaia himself sold the succession gives people a hundred dinars and two men in the Levant sham give unless one of them, which is dominated by Damascus, Syria-lebanon (1). Abu'l-Walid Ibn rshadin and from lhiah Ibn Abu zraa` on Ammar Ibn Yasir zareer khattaab he graduated three disagree all whom calls King abka and asheb man and man of the House of Abu sufyan out his confines people in Damascus. Ibn lhiah Abu as Ali Abu ruman said exiting Syria three flags w alabka alsviani emerges as amber and alsviani of walabka of Egypt, the Levantal shamm(lebanon-suryia) appears alsviani. Abu'l-rshadin Ibn lhiah Abu as for Saïd Ben aswad than Kiryat said people disagree in safar month and are separated on four groups man coming from Mecca and two alsviani and one sham born blue governance and asheb Egypt from man is the fourth four huge man got angry from kindah, goes out to those in the Levant sham(lebanon-suryia) goes out in an army comes to Egypt, kills this mighty and too mascarra then met Egypt sends to you. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan from his father Abdullah Bin Mohamed Al-Amri denominator of-hudhayfah said if he entered the land of Egypt where alsviani four months of killing and violents you the lady will weeb will scream will cry he willRules and wi enslave the peopole all is with tears tears one will cry of being rapped , one will cy the murder of her children and one will cry her humilation after her wealth.and will cry she wants her grave of her death than to be alive . Abu'l-Walid from Sheikh of Banu khuza'a Abu Wahab alkolaei said of the Arab people and the barbarians will spreat on four banners, on for khuzaaa(this could be al khazaaL) they man born ABI sufian said the and then alsviani,kills will Bani Hashim and fought anyone of the other three flags and other shows them all and then proceed to Kufa and exits atyab to Iraq and then returns from Kufa, dying at the lower parts of Sham (lebanon-suryia)and he will put to rulle another man born ABI sufyan prevail and appears on the people and is __________ alsviani (1) novel Seconds (the King). (*) (1/173)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------told Sa'id Abu Othman Abu Jaafar jaabir said if alabka with folk with objects, including great epic mascarra then appears elakhwas- alsviani the cursedman, by all of us then appears by moving approching to them Mansour al yamani from Sanaa the Yemeni (could this be naseer al yaman from yemen) his soldiers will kills people just to kill in the littrecey days one another that Mansour Yamani is another serial killer of Yemen walking to alsviani after appearing to have them as Al asehab-alabka heavy fighting with alsviani elakhwas then appears, and then fighting Iraq eventell he wins over http://www.smartvisions.eu/forum.php?s=ff0d6f489f7a24b1de724e98619ce3b7
Perhaps, I wonder who on Iraq as a sahab , foregoing the emergence of the alsviani is known as Ashab It meets the alakhos and thier falg is yellow they are intense fighting between elakhwas .alsviani then appears and shows Roman and exit to the Levant sham(lebanon-suryia) and Canadian elakhwas appears in the tag then appears with god sign well if reached Tel al sama (1) accept and then go to Iraq and brought before 12 emam banner in Kufa Kufa kills attributed known man born Hassan or Hussein called to his father, a black man appears slaves , if this balck man command of killing people identified he will be murder by alsviani.
Here as well should comment if you need to know the man in persona access to the website below , ' Abd-Allaah ibn Marwan from artah on sell on stub if rgftan in the month of Ramadan were assigned three turnoff from someone requesting one home and one mighty requesting asceticism, serenity and dignity and required the third murder and named Abdullah, a great community of Euphrates area who kills for money kills seven in nine. Abu'l-Walid for Al-szahar if kings met with black flags and banners in safar when the viaduct were the east folks, defeated them even they will come to Palestine, the east folks out with alsviani if thw western come to Jordan this group will lose thier ma and Morocco are separated by three teams of force returns where they came from and go for Hajj and prove alsviani will kill them , defeated and let them entering in his obey . Abu'l-Walid Abu Abdullah Abdel Karim ABI Umayya Ibn hanafiyyah said if alsviani AND the alabka entered Egypt when the devastation of Egypt. Ibn wahb conversed about AMR Ibn Al-Harith that Bakr Ibn vast told him to father Salim algishani Abu Zama told him, ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' AMR, Abi Dzar may Allaah be pleased with them, they WILL not drop out of Egypt only killed. I said to Abu dharr said outside, in front of the mosque while he goes out not even stranded associated _________ (1) sama : rose. (*) (1/174)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1/175)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------sometime between Bani Abbas and br east people and alsviani beny marwan Roy in the land of the Levant sham(suryia-lebanon) and beyond to Iraq told us, ' Abd-Allaah ibn Marwan from his father Abu Amer Abu names for thoban the Prophet PBUH said Lam Habiba (1) was built and own, Abbas turned to Umm Habiba said (could by a man from this genus). Abu'l-Waleed Ibn Muslim said if overwhelmed Morocco western peopl showed Otter Vate thier man Beni Abbas, Ibn akhthm of Kufa with him, then hit the sore ravaged by and leave Syria wants it decimates between Iraq and Al-Sham and then attach them to a man from home is being done by people alavaail and shows the command is alsviani then the land meets the Arabs of the Levant sham(suryia-lebanon), including fighting until it turns into the city, the epic b bekia algharqoud (2). Abu'l-Walid for Al-zuharry said he came out from Kufa, dying in the midst of an ulcer, and follows after man whom his father's name and name to eight characters with fine shoulder and arms and legs with flat head and deep eyes, decimating the people afterwards. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan from artah on sell Ka'b said ignite ordered him to bake in Damascus by Bouar Bani Abbas. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan on Saeed Bin than syphilis ybaia said alsviani folks to __________ (1) the daughter of Abu sufyan, one of the wives of sufian the Prophet. (2) in Madinah spaces. (*) (1/176)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------conversed with Mohammad bin Khmer some chiefdom that the Prophet said (to meet people of the Levantsham and folks (1) in the South of Damascus, not far from his clothing. (2) a punishment (Groove) lawn meadow Virgin near Damascus. (3) near Aleppo. (4) of the village of aqarQUF digil in iraq between them and Baghdad four firm. The dictionary of countries. (5) or Yazid canine and Mason, daughter of Majdal. (6) perhaps Ien dore (ein dor) is a village in the Eastern Nazareth after 22 km. Glossary of country Palestine. (*) (1/177)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------sometime between people of the Levant and the King of the Bani Abbas between tenderness and be alsviani abu'l-Walid Ibn Muslim from Abu Habib from alodin bin tender nomadic fourth of said discord raqqa. Abu'l-Walid hadthni updated to Bedouin Bani Abbas his opinion differed from Khorasan, including epic mascarra, the origins of all saffron kills people and tribes, people located in hotbeds of Saffron and clean city is between the rivers it comes with the collection of funds to mean idols City lodging and Harran to Al Khobar and irreconcilable with the King of Morocco had revolted, sending him troops defeated them even descend to his sham, pro-democracy advocates from heaven woe for country Homs eye alsingh (1) it is likely each With hubby out with all of her son and then proceed to descend between the rivers it kills by massive great dividing them and then proceed to the city of Harran, where idols means vibker and lead belly accompanied by a package sent to eastern taea-averse and will eight months and then proceed to the Khabur, where seven saboa then goes on to a helipad, Ramda and bull leaves the east descende to the mountains of Al jawf and go out by a man from his home, killed him and then came to the eastren even staying between Harran And then comes out of alamrd Al Raha Pete Cape (2). _________----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conversed with Mohammad bin alnajib bin Khmer on secret ABI alnadar hadthni man said of the Prophet and said Iraq down King hates AHL Al-Sham to beheadings have what was then communicated to Adwa marched him neither finds it tough to him began moving to the Levant, vilkah and defeat them and then kill the opposing folks say the people of Iraq this earth, my this pullback to your national has astghanit you, return to their country, they say we set him as a kings and and we supported him then we made people got tmted by him ll people and we fight defending him until we have that he chooses other countrey than ours so lets gathered and stand for him and fight him ,walking in army of 3000 man then enter ghaza and even meet with Hoss and they will fight him, including epic never happend for Arabs like it before and god send into thier hearts the patience and bring them to victory so that men who viewed grades if he wants tokills them killing a few left of them. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan from artah on sell Ka'b said if other difference occurred in Beni Abbas after exit alsviani son off one's children and in different other courtyard then we waited and tuck signed signed the Western village of altadmor (1) and signed by Hoss great predominate Banu Abbas and east folks until their tsbi and enter Kufa. Abu'l-' Abd-Allaah ibn Marwan who he Jacob Ben Isaac was a sign of temptation in tenderness man staying said Ould Abbas, staying two years then invades the Roman, and Leite on Muslims is greater than in the Roman and then returns, Leyte from invasion to tenderness, reactions from the Mashreq hated it because it does not return from the East and then give his son (2) for the head be exit alsviani and theirs. Abu'l Muhammad bin alnajib bin secret Khmer of the bright said Khelif of migrating to the island and then ran away yelling at them ' help to people of the Levant, meet him and kills the bright folks, meet Mt. said his killing was a Hoss. Abu'l invasive Ibn Ayyash who he Mohammed bin Jaafar said Ali Ibn ABI taalib was alsviani on Iraq army man built his Haritha ghadertan _________ (1) SIC and opposite where destroyed South-East of peaceful. (2) in this era of echo effect safe conflict with Byzantium to the issue of creating aalkran the emergence of the movement of Babak alkhrmet. (*) (1/181)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------is said to have Tiger or moon bin abaad serious man on his introduction of his people short broad almankbin, bald ykatlh of the Levant from the Mashreq, the position is a tuck and Homs in a war that the bright and their supporters with them then recruited a great ykatlhm follows Damascus all defeated then aligned with Damascus and Homs with meet alsviani and bright folks at said his hands following East of Homs, kills by NEF and 70,000 three-quarters of bright and then be Aldebra them and the army was sent to bright even dropped Kufa how blood mherak and belly mbkor and Walid killed and money menhob and blood msthal and writes the alsviani to go to the Hejaz after eric exposed the rest of the yarkha told us about Ibn Al-Walid bin huraiz Osman said I heard Salman bin Samir alelhiani says to entering Kufa Khalifa defeated folks and then wish to the Levant in the Levant and said to him you Levant it holy land and the land of prophets, Caliphs House have been levied on funds, which were dispersed Albouth, replying them if he let him bright folks they katlnah him and mind with our blood and ourselves and our impact us akhlouh folks, go to the Levant, grappling with major eric bedrock of Kufa. Abu'l-lhiah Ibn Abu Omar Abdul Wahab Bin Hussein on Muhammad Ibn Thabit from his father on the Al-Harith Ibn Masood said VII born Abbas calling people to justice, not ygibonh it says I am prisoner sues in the biography of Abu Bakr and Omar Abbaas and swore in the normal category, tells him his folks want graduation of maaishna it, communicate it kills several of his people, disagree among themselves when it comes out a man born Eva collects from barbarians to take Egypt then comes man platforms born ABI sufyan, if three teams are separated off Fihri to another talk. Abu'l-Walid Ibn rshadin and lhiah for Dad such as Ali Abu ruman said alsviani to the Levant appears, and then be signed by them until a full sky bird bkrkisiaa and then gifhm Earth SBAA yvetk hernia from behind them, accept them even enter surface range of Khorasan and alsviani request accept imagined people of Khorasan, killing folks of Mohammed (1) of Kufa and then come Elmahdi request Khorasan folks. __________ (1) in the p: (seven Mohamed kufa). (*) (1/182)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------abu'l-Walid spirit bin Abi alaysar said hadthni Abdul Rahman bin Adam Audi said heard Abdul Rahman bin Rabi'ah bin gas algrshi says she heard the total time AMR Ibn Prophet PBUH ltkhergn says of Khorasan banner black even linking this olive horses between Beit Lahia and at harasts town (1) we have these two olive ?! He will share those folks were even olive banner, linking to horses. Abdullah said bin Adam and updated this hadeeth Abdul Rahman bin Salman said it connects people of the black banner on banner graduated second first if they came out of the external descended these folks cannot find people first banner disappeared, defeated. Abu'l Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Abu Abdullah Abdurrahman altiherti Ibn Ziyad bin Anam on Muslim bin left on Saeed Bin Musayyib said Prophet PBUH (exits from the bright banners Sood Lubna Abbas then stay what God wills, and black flags fought young graduated from Abu sufyan was born and his companions by bright performing obedience to the Mahdi). Abu'l-Walid and Abu rshadin such as Ali Abu ruman said outside the black flags fought alsviani including youth from Bani Hashim in the left shoulder a mark and his introduction his asstane is a man from Bani Tamim called Shoaib bin Saleh, defeated his companions abu'l-Walid Ibn rshadin and lhiah Abu hadthni said planted on Ibn Ammar bin Yasser zareer on said if the agents killed Kufa alsviani Mohammad Mahdi came out following him that Shoaib bin Saleh told Sa'id Abu Othman Abu Jaafar jaabir Black banners which said landing graduated from Khorasan Kufa if Mahdi emerged in Makkah sent him personal. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan from artah on bin Ka'b said if Bani Abbas raged and black banners ' link to sham olive horses decimates their God as asahab and killed his parents and the public to keep their hands whom Amoy or hidden and drops the fugitive alsaftan Banu Abbas Jaafar beings sitting son eat one's children to Damascus and exits the Berbers platform to Sarra Levant is the exit of the Mahdi. __________ (1) in spaces, Damascus. (*) (1/190)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------damara Ibn abu'l-shozeb Hassan, told you when we bake, happiest people)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------for other signs of the Mahdi in his Ibn wahb conversed about the son of lhiah, because almaafri heard ABA Firas heard ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' AMR says if balbidaa army subsidence is the exit of the Mahdi. About Ibn Al-mubaarak Ibn Thor and Abdul Razzaq on moammar son Taous on bin Abdullah bin Abbas said no come Elmahdi to inform any Sun. Abu'l Muhammad Yusuf Bin Obaidullah Al-Sindi Ibn Yazid Ibn Ka'b Al-Mahdi said the departure of Morocco by brigades accept lame man of kindah. Abu Yusuf conversed on fungus bin Khalifa Al-Hasan bin Abdul Rahman alakli hurayrah by alsviani and Mahdi said emerging presidential election bet it mostly alsviani on FF and Mahdi on afterward. He said mushrooms and Mehdi said Abu Jafar is two hundred years. Abu'l-Waleed Ibn Muslim Sheik on al zuharry in the mandate of the second alsviani see the sky. Abu'l-Yahya ibn Yahya ibn Salamah Aleman from his father Abu Sadeq al-Mahdi said does not come out until alsviani on aawadha (1). __________ (1) any matches platforms. (*) (1/205)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------conversed Yahya ibn Alemán on Harun bin Hilal Abu Jaafar said no come out even short of darkness alsviani. Yahya ibn Alemán on the conversed for abortion is bin Khalifa on Matar Al waraq don't come Elmahdi even atoned in God gherh. Damara Ibn abu'l-shozeb Ibn Sirin said no come Elmahdi even kills seven in nine. Yahya ibn Alemán conversed about Kisan was confident immovable al-Kassar said hadthni Moulay said high khattaab heard says don't come Elmahdi even kills a third of the third to die remain one. The Sheik's son told from Benny Aleman, who he visited on the don't come Elmahdi even spits in the face of some of you. Ibn Wahab told us about the son of lhiah, because almaafri heard ABA Firas heard ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' AMR Ibn al-' AAS Abbaas says the exit if the Mahdi Army balbidaa subsidence is the exit of the Mahdi. Abu'l-rshadin Ibn lhiah Abu as Mahdi said meeting people in four and two hundred. Ibn lhiah Persian account not account Arabs. Abu'l-rshadin Ibn lhiah Abu hadthni said planted on Ibn Ammar bin Yasser zareer on khattaab said the Al-Mahdi if flowed to you Matt Turk and your successor that collects funds several weak weistkhlf, unseating two years after the Western weikhsf beheadings mosque Damascus and three to exit and the exit Syria turnoff folks Morocco to Egypt and those of the Principality of alsviani. Abu ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' Abbaas informed about Salim Bin Abdullah Abu Mohammed on the man from Morocco said no come Elmahdi even outside the men's sleeping beauty, way of buying these weight diets and then exits. He told us about a man on Solomon Ben Ammar ibn Muhammad ibn ' Umar that the superior (1/206)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------be mesmerized and then be at the top of the Group of man has no home when God creatively it kills or die, the Al-Mahdi. Damara from Ibn shozeb told us about some of his friends don't come Elmahdi until there is no stated, nor the son was not perished and gossip header. Abu'l-rshadin Ibn lhiah Abu as he owns a man from Bani Hashim, kills fellow illiterate so don't keep them but easy does not kill others then come a man from Bani Umayya it kills every man two until there is no Mahdi except women and then exits. He said: Abu Abdullah Al-Naim: hadthni one from Ibn Yahya ibn ABI-Ayyash on AMR hurayrah reported from the Prophet (sigh Euphrates mountain of gold and silver it kills by nine, seven, aderktmoh, tkorboh). Othman bin much conversed with Mohammad bin hadthni bin Junaid said immigrants Memon on Dirar Ibn AMR Abu hurayrah said a fourth discord among twelve years while clarity has receded Euphrates mountain of gold, it kills seven in nine. Abu'l-' Abdullah bin Marwan from artah on sell on the heel of the Euphrates area is said in the Levant or shortly afterwards, a great community to vikottlon money kills seven in nine and that after the flimsy and alhuda Ramadan after splitting three banners of each one of them was King for himself including a man named Abdullah. Yahya ibn Sa'eed conversed on Dirar Ibn AMR from Isaac Ibn ABI scalp hurayrah reported he said Prophet PBUH (sedition fourth of eighteen then revealed when clarity and Euphrates has receded from mount it nation went TCP kills him in nine seven). (1/207) these prophecies are the massacre of Karbala have please weaashoraa--------------------------------------------------------------------------------other tag when you exit the Mahdi Ibn Al-mubaarak conversed and Abdul Razzaq on the man mu'ammar Al-Saeed Bin Musayyib said be a charm the first played by boys as populated by timet cannot come until the pro-democracy advocates from heaven but the Prince because his son vitale until they linfedan the Musayyib power plant, said this really Prince three times. Abu'l-Sa'id Abu Osman jaabir Abu Jaafar said pro-democracy advocates from heaven but right to the pro-democracy advocates Mohamed of land but the right of Jesus, or he (Abbas) I doubt it, but the sound down from Satan lilbes people doubt Naim Abu Abdullah. Abu'l-Waleed Ibn Muslim Ibn Shihab said the Sheik was ordered from the ABI sufyan II on the season and was sent with him, if they have heard a call from heaven season but the Prince because pro-democracy advocates of land lie advocates Menad from heaven truly is long so don't know whichever follow but incredibly heaven the first time if you have heard that you know that the word of God is Supreme and the word devil is a bottom. Ibn wahb conversed about Yitzhak Ben Yahia Timmy on invasive bin Abdulrahman on his mother and old said told her in Ibn al-Zubayr this cuteness intriguing ruin where people said both ya Bani but then charm which is decimating people don't until they advocated Menad from heaven you bevlan--------------------------------------------------------------------------------abu'l-Hakim bin NAFI from injured from artah said if people with me and Arafat after pro-democracy Club thasb tribes but amirkm because followed by another voice but may Lied and followed by another voice: However, vikottlon had ratified most of the heavy fighting, disarm them and alburaza is the alburaza army and then you can see in the sky and WCVA parameter is fighting to keep supporters of right only several people of Badr, go to ybaioun sahabhm. (1/210)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------abu'l-Waleed Ibn Muslim from Abu Abdullah Al-Walid bin Hisham almaiti on at Ibn Al-Walid Ibn uqba Ibn mu'ayt heard Ibn Abbas khattaab says is Allaah Al-Mahdi after ayas so people say NAS doesn't Mahdi and his followers from the Levant adthm three hundred and fifteen men several owners walked from the Levant, Badr until ystkhergoh of Mecca from the belly when SAFA vibaiounh involuntarily and pray two rak'ahs traveller praying at their place and then climbs the podium. Abu Yusuf conversed on fungus bin Khalifa Al-Hasan bin Abdul Rahman alakli hurayrah Mehdi ybaia told him between the corner here not sleeping nor yherk blood awakens. Abu'l-Walid on the Sheik on syphilis advocated that year said Menad manadian from heaven but the Prince because pro-democracy advocates of land lie down until the vikottl supporters of the sound that the assets of the trees ltkhdab blood today who said ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' AMR army called Ejército alburaza climbing alburaza it out for free (1). He viomaez not keep supporters that voice only several hundred people of BADR a dozen men, go to ynsaron and then sahabhm it like rumble poster back to the Ka'bah fraesh praying qiyaam al-layl in God of evil so-called mechanism, forcing him to personal audio supporters back down to the Levant, they say ' we fought like what we saw, but they have never been a few small groups. Solomon conversed moatamer bin ajlan bin green on tender bin Zuhair Ibn Al Amri, visited his father ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' AMR said either they will charm people praying together and make pilgrimages together and know together and together and then yheig them kalkelb vikottlon even liquefy Aqaba blood and even innocent finds that his innocence would not retreat finds tengih that his retirement would one then ystkerhon young man back to element imputable rumble has said fraesh Mahdi Mahdi on Earth and is in the sky it was overtaken by Flash. Tell us the son of Thor and Abdul Razzaq on Muammar on qatada said Prophet PBUH (it exits from the city to Mecca, extracted by people including vibaiounh between corner and place a hater). __________ (1) any trash. (*) (1/212)------------------------------------------------------------------------------
http://islamport.com/d/1/akh/1/50/375.html this link to read details


levant=sham=lebanon suryia part of jordan and palstine
the east=persia some times or east arabia depending from where
westeren or morrocan=west rabia= tunise liybia morrocow
al suviani=from beny suvian
al abkaa` alabqa= a man with Leper diseases
al asehab = a white or yellowish blonde man (bashar al asad maybe)
al akhwas =have something in his eyes .drrp eyes or firmly closed