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الجمعة، 12 أغسطس 2011

the meaning of Zion

It is ridiculous so we the people of the foundations of Islamic Empire superpower led science to generations hundred years ago and we still give in to the myths of others to licens them of being kidnapping some of our heritage and part of our history. That the so funney and laughable is about the meaning word of Zion and even the the Zionists ,christians ,jews them selve

s , if you as the exact meaning of the word they wont know not know they will shake thier heads telling you its a place or its a mountain were the christ will descened again , but what made me laugh moreis that us Arabs dont know its meaning and if it not us We know whats meaning no one else should know,because it is an Arabic word. and you know what is the harshest of joke? if you asked a Jew or a Zionist or Christian, what is the meaning of Zion? he asked Why? Escape and says a place called Zion or Mount descends upon Christ. But what the meaning of this place every name have a meaning or story .. I decided to search for myself what the meaning of Zion and Allve do not know, unfortunately, most of the Arabs in Zion Arabic word purely and strange Torah always translate in arabic dictionaries because of the link between the ancient Hebrew and arabic Arabic .. if I decided to search myself and see what, ive got :
Riding the mountain is the highest area in that any of Zion is the highest top summit of the mountain, such as Alioune derived from the word supreme norm of pronunciation Jews,to word alii, to see what do Arabic dictionaries
Sa (leSan ll a Arabs)
sehuwa everything: that is the above or top; and sang Pitt perspiratory: Voksmt not only occupied the Beshoh forbidden for the sand and Hqaúgah (* saying «haram Ali» Thus, in principle, and in those books: you).
One of the Persians into Labad of the back, it was said seat of the Knight and it was said that is what is easier than Sarat Persians Nahitea both (back seat or top of the horse), and horseback: the back of the hump, or it is the collateral you see on disability; said a Alrma describes the camel: a horseback follow an assigned as described Dlsth Tahma (top of a hill) Create a stream on suhyon and the combination and Sa. Essential: the top of every mountain Sute.
And Alsa: the sources of water, one horseback; and sang old ground: shade therein her eyesight, and shaded rock water Alsa and suhwa: What to take over the hills of the tower in its upper part of the hill, and the combination Sy rare, and in the discipline: the Alshoat; and sang: Oznana love Sy damage, what I was not for the lyre, and horseback Oznaha: Mttamn place of the land is home to Adwal camels and Alshoat: among Almtnin to Alqtah.top of a place were fortess can be build
And Hasah: Breaking the crucifixion.
And Sahah: Sute rode.
And sahuwa: Kalgar in the mountain where the water, the water may be rain, and the combination Sa.
Sa and the wound, conquest, Asy Zia: Wendy.
Hebron said: Zi wound, broken.
And Osy boy with fat ghee and put it in the sun of the disease to vanish the ill. Ibn al-master: and is blamed for the waw I do not find a e r j. I'm Bedouin: a goat on its back if obese; and Oncdma Ertaa Aladlasa on syeha, as if over the back Ahlasa, of fat, meat and Dhaca Aldls: land grew after I ate.
Sa and if a lot of his money. Asma'i: If you hit a man was injured and started Wendy Sa Asy.
And Zion is a Roman, was: is the house of the Bible; and sang: And you both Ojelbt Zion days, the raging war Aldloc Rhakma

qamous al muheet (dictionary And Mount Allcam, Cgrab and pomegranates: Asamt Hama and Shayzar and Owamyh, and extends north to Zion and the vacancy and the Cup, and ends at Antioch.
And llacum : Water in Makkah, and honor God.
Like most: human eased divided up.

Well we found some of the keys of the words: horseback everything above top may be collateral may be Sarat Persians and Alsa sources of water of any tributary, as well as tower built in higher mounds andhills sehyon as well as the cave in the mountain .. Note that this word are found and linked to the text of the Torah to Zion are said to Roman, and never known that Roman are the inheritance of the Jews they were not jews & were not the heirs of the sons of Jacob, or even children of the Arabs from Ishmael: =
Consider this comment from the previous research through in the name of Ziad Hawash of Syria: It must be noted here that, contrary to the widespread impression, the Hebrew Bible did not say, in fact, anywhere in them,where was that "Zion", as well as where is "Jerusalem."
The "Zion" along with "Jerusalem" in a number of biblical passages (such as: Psalms 21:102, 1:125, 2, 21:135, 12:147) is not necessarily geographically closer to a definition or the other places.
And the texts of several psalms (eg, 1:65, 2:74, 2:76, 13:132, 21:135), researchers can outlines that David had dedicated "Zion" or "Mount Zion" _ regardless of whether they plateau, which found the city of David, _ a place of worship or a sacred place of an alternative, as it appears, to serve as the oldest named "Salem" (Shalem, not the "Jerusalem", see Psalm 2:67). It must serve as the site of "Zion", is different place was from the "City of David," it was describe as it was high, which is located near the village where the present tower Chian.

If the foregoing makes clear that the fortress of Zion is the top or the Towers building mounds Kaaazh as usually Jews to build forts and towers :as describe of the meaning of this verse in quran "do not fight you all, except in fortified villages or from behind walls"
(Al-Hashr: from verse 14):

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